Do you know what tools to use in Photoshop to make these images better for comparison purposes?


Are you using Photoshop to enhance digital evidence in your casework?

Are you using Photoshop's many tools and techniques to the best of their ability?

Are you confident in your ability to use Photoshop as a Latent Print Examiner?

In this online course, your instructor Matt Marvin, CLPE, CFWE will share his many years of experience and expertise applying digital imaging to latent print evidence using Photoshop. 

This course is designed for latent print examiners of all levels. If you have little to no knowledge of Photoshop…this course is for you. If you have been using Photoshop for years…then this course is for you. Anyone who uses Photoshop to make side-by-side comparisons can and will benefit from completing this online course. 


If you work in Photoshop you can benefit from the instruction and exercises contained in this online course.

In this course Matt will demonstrate and teach you to:

- Configure your Photoshop so that it is optimized for working with digital latent print evidence. 

- Use image orientation techniques such as duplication, rotation, and canvas flip.

- Properly draw lines and arrows, drop dots, and insert text.

- Use the selection tools and invert images.

- Use basic enhancement techniques such as working with levels, shadows, and highlights.

- Apply area specific enhancements such as dodge and burn.

- Use color-based enhancements such as color modes, color channels, black and white adjustments, selective color, and color subtraction.

- Work with fine details by using sharpening techniques and tools.

- Use calculations to enhance your digital evidence.

- Calibrate images in two steps using rulers and image size.

- Correct perspective when images are not taken on a level plane. 

- Use a scanner and scanner enhancement tools to capture digital evidence.

As you can see, you will learn some of the very best tools Photoshop has to offer. Not only will you learn the function behind each of these tools and how to use them, but you will learn how each of them applies directly to working with digital impression evidence. 

All of these tool sets will be accompanied by exercises for you to hone your Photoshop skills and apply what you have learned. 

This course teaches a tool and then builds on that tool as you progress through the course. You get world class instruction which teaches you professional techniques and shortcuts. Mastering these tools and techniques can save hours of time and frustration when using Photoshop and working with digital impression evidence.

This course is guaranteed to teach Latent Print Examiners essential tools and techniques using Adobe Photoshop CC.

 Learn all of the skills you need to properly work with digital evidence. By completing this online course, you'll feel confident and comfortable using Adobe Photoshop and working with digital evidence.



    The purpose of this online course is to substantially improve the ability of a latent print examiner to conduct digital comparisons using Photoshop. The tools and techniques taught in this course can be immediately applied to daily casework.


    Most latent print examiners never get any formal training in the area of digital imaging. This online course is designed to help examiners be more efficient in their on-screen comparisons by using some of today’s most advanced digital imaging techniques. This is done through instruction, practical exercises, and a final exam.


    This course is designed for Latent Print Examiners and other impression evidence examiners, but can benefit many others outside the role of LP Examiner. From the beginner who is new to Photoshop or experienced examiners who are looking to hone their Photoshop skills.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Course Introduction

    • Course Outline (PRINT)

    • Course Notes Book (PRINT)

    • About Your Instructor - Matthew Marvin, CLPE, CFWE

  • 2

    Module 1 - Preferences and Workspace

    • Module 1 - Exercise Image (DOWNLOAD)

    • Preferences

    • Workspace Arrangement

  • 3

    Module 2 - Image Orientation

    • Module 2 - Exercise Images (DOWNLOAD)

    • Image Duplication

    • Image Rotation & Resolution

    • Canvas Flip

  • 4

    Module 3 - Drawing Lines, Dropping Dots, Arrows and Text

    • Module 3 - Exercise Image (DOWNLOAD)

    • Drawing Lines and Arrows, Dropping Dots, and Text

  • 5

    Module 4 - Inversions and Selections

    • Module 4 - Exercise Image (DOWNLOAD)

    • Inversion and Selections

  • 6

    Module 5 - Basic Enhancements

    • Module 5 Practical Exercises (DOWNLOAD)

    • Levels

    • Shadows and Highlights

  • 7

    Module 6 - Area Specific Enhancements

    • Module 6 Practical Exercises (DOWNLOAD)

    • Dodge

    • Burn

  • 8

    Module 7 - Color Based Enhancements

    • Module 7 Practical Exercises (DOWNLOAD)

    • Color Modes

    • Color Channels

    • Black and White Adjustments

    • Selective Color

    • Color Subtraction

  • 9

    Module 8 - Fine Details

    • Module 8 Practical Exercise (DOWNLOAD)

    • Sharpening Techniques

    • Noise Removal

  • 10

    Module 9 - Calculations

    • Module 9 Practical Exercises (DOWNLOAD)

    • Calculations

  • 11

    Module 10 - Image Calibration and Rulers

    • Module 10 Practical Exercises (DOWNLOAD)

    • Image Calibration and Rulers

  • 12

    Module 11 - Perspective Correction

    • Module 11 Practical Exercises (DOWNLOAD)

    • Perspective Correction

  • 13

    Module 12 - Scanners

    • Scanners

  • 14

    Final Combined Practical Exercises

    • Common Sense Digital Imaging - Desk Reference Cheat Sheet (PRINT)

    • Final Combined Practical Exercises (DOWNLOAD)

    • Final Combined Practical Exercises

  • 15

    Final Written Exam

    • Final Written Exam (80% Passing)

  • 16

    Before you go...

    • Final Words from your Instructor Matthew Marvin, CLPE, CFWE

    • Common Sense Digital Imaging for LPEs - Course Survey

Your Instructor

Training Instructor

Matthew Marvin, CLPE, CFWE

Matthew Marvin has been employed in the forensic identification field for over 18 years, and has worked cases from over forty states and six countries. He was employed with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic Science Laboratory for ten years, where he was the technical leader for latent prints, footwear and tire tracks. He is presently employed as the latent print technical manager with Ron Smith and Associates, Inc.’s headquarters laboratory. Mr. Marvin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with graduate work in biochemistry. He has been published four times in peer-reviewed journals. Mr. Marvin has lectured on numerous occasions regarding both latent print and footwear examinations. He is the director and a standing instructor at The International Latent Print Examiner Academy. As a board-certified latent print examiner by the International Association for Identification (I.A.I.), he currently serves on the Science and Practice Subcommittee on Latent Print Development and on the Latent Print Certification Board. Mr. Marvin is also a board-certified footwear examiner by the I.A.I. and serves on the OSAC Footwear and Tire Subcommittee as well as the ASB Footwear and Tire Consensus Body. He has been qualified numerous times as an expert witness in court.


8 Hours

This RS&A online course has been approved by the International Association for Identification for 8 Hours of continuing education credits for Latent Print Examiner Certification and Re-Certification.

Course Tuition and Access Limits

Online Course Cost (8 Hours): $250.00
Special Introductory Price: $200.00

Max time to complete this course: 30 Days