Do you know...what part of the palm made these prints?

Do you know...if the left hand or right hand made these prints?

Do you know...the correct up and down orientation of the prints?

If the answer is “NO” to any of these questions, then you can benefit from this online workshop.


RS&A is excited to announce our first full length online training course, Palm Prints Searching Smart! This course is guaranteed to teach Latent Print Examiners how to search for latent palm prints smart, as opposed to searching hard.

This self-paced online training course is instructed by none other than the creator of Palm Print Searching Techniques, Ron Smith.

Through lecture, Ron will pass along to you his vast expert knowledge of palm prints. You will then be challenged to apply the searching smart methods you have learned in many practical exercises, and finally you will be tested with both written and practical exams. ALL OF THIS ONLINE! With this online training course, you truly can learn to search palm prints smart from anywhere...anyplace...anytime.



    The purpose of this online workshop is to substantially improve the ability of the latent print examiner to conduct latent print comparisons in a more time and cost efficient manner. These techniques can be immediately applied to both manual and automated palm print searching.


    Most latent print examiners have never had any formal training in the area of latent palm print searching. This workshop is designed to train the students to “Search smart before they search hard!” This is accomplished by teaching the students how to recognize the numerous “position orientation clues” that normally appear in palm prints.


    This workshop is designed to benefit examiners at all expertise levels from the new trainee to the latent print supervisor. The practical exercises have been prepared in such a manner that each student will be working with material equal to their level of expertise and progress to more difficult assignments as their ability grows.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Documents - Print Files

    • Print All Documents

    • Lecture Slides - PRINT ALL

    • Palm Prints Searching Smart - Exercises 1-6 - PRINT ALL

    • Final Practical Exam - PRINT ALL

  • 2

    Course Introduction

    • Before you Begin...

    • About Your Instructor - Ron Smith

    • The History of Ron Smith Palm Prints

    • Palm Prints Searching Smart Introduction

    • Palm Prints Searching Smart Course Outline (PRINT)


  • 3

    Module 1 - Basic Palm Print Anatomy

    • Module 1 - Lecture Slides (PRINT)

    • Module 1 - Basic Anatomy of the Palm

  • 4

    Module 2 - Understanding Ridge Flow in the Thenar Area of the Palm.

    • Module 2 - Lecture Slides (PRINT)

    • Module 2 - Understanding Ridge Flow in the Thenar Area of the Palm

  • 5

    Module 3 - Understanding Ridge Flow in the Hypothenar Area of the Palm.

    • Module 3 - Lecture Slides (PRINT)

    • Module 3 - Understanding Ridge Flow in the Hypothenar Area of the Palm

  • 6

    Module 4 - Understanding Ridge Flow in the Interdigital Area of the Palm.

    • Module 4 - Lecture Slides (PRINT)

    • Module 4 - Understanding Ridge Flow in the Interdigital Area of the Palm

  • 7

    Practical Exercise 1

    • Exercise 1 Worksheet (PRINT)

    • Exercise 1 - Introduction & Demonstration

    • Practical Exercise 1 - Answer Key Video

  • 8

    Practical Exercise 2

    • Exercise 2 Worksheet (PRINT)

    • Exercise 2 - Introduction & Demonstration

    • Practical Exercise 2 - Answer Key Video

  • 9

    Written Exam 1

    • Palm Print Anatomy and Ridge Flows Written Exam - 80% Passing

  • 10

    Module 5 - Creases in the Palms

    • Module 5 Lecture Slides (PRINT)

    • Module 5 - Creases in the Palm

  • 11

    Practical Exercise 3

    • Exercise 3 Worksheet (PRINT)

    • Exercise 3 - Introduction & Demonstration

    • Exercise 3 - Answer Key Video

  • 12

    Module 6 - Latent Palm Shapes

    • Module 6 Lecture Slides (PRINT)

    • Module 6 - Latent Palm Shapes

  • 13

    Practical Exercise 4

    • Exercise 4 Worksheet (PRINT)

    • Exercise 4 - Introduction & Demonstration

    • Exercise 3 - Answer Key Video

  • 14

    Practical Exercise 5

    • Exercise 5 Worksheet (PRINT)

    • Exercise 5 - Introduction & Demonstration

    • Exercise 5 Answer Key Video

  • 15

    Module 7 - Searching Smart with Palm Mathematics

    • Module 7 Lecture Slides (PRINT)

    • Module 7 - Searching Smart with Palm Mathematics

  • 16

    Practical Exercise 6

    • Exercise 6 - Latent Palm Prints Worksheet (PRINT)

    • Exercise 6 - Known Palm Prints (PRINT)

    • Exercise 6 - Introduction & Demonstration

    • Exercise 6 - Answer Key

  • 17

    Written Exam 2

    • Creases, Shapes, and Palm Mathematics Written Exam - 80% Passing

  • 18

    Final Practical Exam

    • Latent Palm Prints Worksheet (PRINT)

    • Final Practical Exam Answer Key Worksheet (PRINT)

    • Final Practical Exam Introduction & Demonstration

    • Final Practical Exam Answer Entry Portal - 80% Passing

  • 19

    Course Close Out

    • Final Words from Instructor Ron Smith

    • Palm Prints Searching Smart - Course Survey

    • Need Help? Got Questions?

Your Instructor

RS&A President

Ron Smith, CLPE

Ron Smith has been employed in the forensic identification field since 1972, first with the FBI, then with the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and from 1978 until his retirement in July 2002 with the Mississippi Crime Laboratory. As Associate Director, he served as supervisor of the Meridian Branch of the Mississippi Crime Lab System. He is a specialist in courtroom testimony instruction, latent fingerprint examinations and crime scene examinations and has provided expert witness testimony in over five hundred cases in numerous states.


40 Hours

This RS&A online course has been approved by the International Association for Identification for 40 Hours of continuing education credits for Latent Print Examiner Certification and Re-Certification.

Course Tuition and Access Limits

Online Course Cost (40 Hours): $800.00

Special Introductory Price: $600.00

Max time to complete this course: 90 Days


Student Testimonials

Extremely Helpful

Jennifer, CA

This training is extremely helpful. I have never had palm print training in any capacity and I am now able to recognize different parts of a palm on partial latent prints and terminology.

Knocked it out of the Park!

Danae, CO

Great course for any level of experience. I always learn something new and am reminded of things I may have forgotten. You cannot beat the quality of RS&A training, Palm Prints Searching Smart knocked it out of the park!

More Confident Searching Palms

Ava, TX

Ron Smith helped me become more confident when searching palms! I used to search every area of a print in almost every orientation because I had no training prior to this. I recommend taking this class if you want help searching palms efficiently.

I was extremely impressed...

Kelley, TX

This course was crafted with student's understanding in mind. I was extremely impressed with technology used to illustrate ideas as well as the layout of lessons. The hands-on practice is very valuable and I have a much more comprehensive understanding of the topics overall which I am excited to exercise in casework.

I have a strong grasp of the skill.

Alexandra, MI

While I was wary of an online course for a practical skill, I was very impressed with how RS&A presented the material for this course. I felt the practical exercises really solidified my understanding of the material, and I have a strong grasp of the skill.

Well suited to an online setting...

April, NC

This course was very informative and filled with every day examples of how this knowledge is beneficial for examiners. It is well suited to an online setting, because there is little comparison work. Instead it is filled with tips and clues to make you a better, more efficient examiner, as well as terminology to help explain your analysis and searching process.